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A radio show focused on feminist conversations.

Our one hour conversations, which ran from March 2018 - December 2020, highlighted feminist issues through the work of hundreds of activists, political leaders, creative entrepreneurs, authors and poets. Together we broke down what feminism means today; we brought our professional analysis and our personal experience to the forefront to discuss what we are challenged by and what we are inspired by. 


The show took its name, Brave Space, from a poem by Micky Scottbey-Jones. We amplified voices from around the country and world, but placed a specific lens on our local community. There were moments we were not perfect, but our goal was not perfection it was discovery, understanding, respect, deep learning and building relationships.

We recognize all women as part of our conversation: women who identify as women - those born as women, those who self identify as women, those with vaginas, those without, women who love women, women who love men, women who love all.

In 2020, in solidarity with Black Lives Matter we shared and passed the mic to Black women to ensure their voices were heard as they called for 'more truth and love.' A small selection of those shows are below. You can find more shows here

Invitation to Brave Space

By Micky ScottBey Jones   


Together we will create brave space

Because there is no such thing as a “safe space”

We exist in the real world

We all carry scars and we have all caused wounds.

In this space

We seek to turn down the volume of the outside world,

We amplify voices that fight to be heard elsewhere,

We call each other to more truth and love

We have the right to start somewhere and continue to grow.

We have the responsibility to examine what we think we know.

We will not be perfect.

This space will not be perfect.

It will not always be what we wish it to be


It will be our brave space together,


We will work on it side by side

Dee Anaya & Oriana Lee: Self Healing
00:00 / 38:58
Bettye Kearse & Pamelya Herndon : Ancestry
00:00 / 43:42
Three Sisters Collective: Rematriation
00:00 / 39:15
South Africans Mbali Khumalo & Keitumetse Moutloatse
00:00 / 44:41
Black Women United of NM: Sisterhood
00:00 / 39:54
Renee Villarreal & Fatima van Hattum: NewMexicoWomen.Org
00:00 / 44:17
Adrien Lawyer & Mayte Lopez: Community Leaders
00:00 / 39:44
Farah Tanis & Sevonna Brown: Black Women's Blueprint
00:00 / 40:07
Faridah Ndiaye & Avery Armstrong: Black Teen Writing Workshop
00:00 / 42:50

From March 2018 to December 2020, we broadcast live every Saturday morning on KTRC, Talk 1260 / 103.7 in New Mexico.

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