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Are you looking for a way to ripple out? A space to engage your curiosity? Broaden your knowledge? Deepen your engagement?
Are you looking for more inspiration, more aspiration?

Welcome to The Ripple Series. 

The Ripple Series is the feminist forum you've been waiting for

Built on the momentum of a feminist movement generations in the making, ripples of feminist power are disrupting the status quo across today's fundamental social justice issues. From reuniting families on the Southern border, to defending reproductive rights and running for political offices long-held by men, women - especially in the Southwest - are stepping into their power.


Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, The Ripple Series offers bi-monthly events that feature national and regional feminist leaders known for speaking up, challenging the system and manifesting change. Ripple creates a space where honest dialogue, historical knowledge, current paradigms, and preferred future visioning converge to build momentum and create the kind of change that ripples out and impacts our community and our nation.

Network with fellow feminist gamechangers, get inspired by captivating panel discussions, and discover the ways that YOU can create lasting ripples of change throughout our Southwest region and beyond. The Ripple Series is a trans and nonbinary inclusive women's initiative.

What an inspiring afternoon you created! Thank you for creating the space where women from different economic backgrounds, historical experiences, races and ethnicities come together to discuss and share their experiences.Your events inspire deeper conversations long after we leave. I really appreciated the gathering and the wisdom that the panelists shared.


The Ripple Series is brought to you by the following generous catalysts in our vibrant community. This Series would not be possible without their financial and in-kind support:

Joan Baker & Margeaux Klein | Gay Block & Billie Parker | Sheila Gershon | Shirley Klinghoffer
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After, a few of us went on to [dinner]. In the garden, conversations ensued triggered by what was shared earlier. We all agreed we had a need for deep sharing.

-Audience Member

 So grateful to have the opportunity to sit and listen to the wisdom, passion and experience of these women. All the needed things got mentioned. Among them: racism, patriarchy, capitalism and the need for healing between women. Every day it is clearer to me how capitalism, patriarchy and racism work together to perpetuate injustice and marginalization, protecting and promoting the dominant and entrenched systems of power.

- Audience Member

I was invited to your event today and thought it was very well done...throughout. Today was inspiring and yet we all know there is plenty of work to be done.

- Audience Member

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